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Because the network is growing rapidly every day, network administrators has been a difficult task if they have to cope with a large number of daily tasks. However, the controls appear as a useful tool, if the operating system or network installation to help administrators to make their work more efficient and faster.

How does that happen? The attacker sends poisoned ARP request to the gateway router device. The gateway router is now that the path through the subnet to a PC to think brainwashed attackers must go through the PC. Moreover think all subnet hosts the attacker PC / MAC is the real bridge and send all the traffic and information to the computer. However, the attacker PC sends all this information to the gateway.

Because we want to use all our wired Ethernet network, you must enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on ​​the wired network adapter and not the wireless card. This seems like common sense, but I saw the device ICS on the wireless adapter a lot of people who try. Simply go to the Network Connections and right click on Ethernet connections, and then press the Advanced tab. Check the box that says ICS allow. Once you have configured your ICS, go to each computer, and configure your wireless adapter on how first the.

Click “Use the following IP address” fill and the IP address, subnet mask and Fields. The IP address is the address that you want to leave your computer on the configuration of the router. If this address is, then you need to enter (replace x with the value you want) to the computer an IP address in the format 10.0.0.x according to

Do you understand! This is the balance between hardware load which I speak, plain and simple. Load balancing hardware without the likes of Zeus, Coyote Point or even the F5 BigIP achieved. This is the cultivation of organic web; Hardware load balancer achieved with not more than two common server. And maybe a little magic.

Even more! Although it does not appear in any of the menus, you can configure remote desktop to multiple computers on the same network. Again, by default Microsoft Remote Desktop uses port 3389. To use more than one computer on the same network, you must use different ports on each computer. You can change the used remote desktop port Microsoft by to start the Registry Editor. The register you need to change is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-System-CurrentControlSet-Control-TerminalServer-WinStations-RDP-Tcp-PortNumber. Double the value and change to the “point”. You can use it as 3390. change anything Once you have edited the key, you need only 3389 to 3390 to replace in this tutorial, and it will work with the same results.

Be sure to set your thermostat overheating let avoid your DVR. If the temperature around your home entertainment system is too hot, your device may not function properly.

Connect an Ethernet cable to one of the Ethernet ports on the switch on the computer. Make sure that the lights on the switch and the Ethernet card in your computer are green and wait 30 seconds.

One of the routers will be selected as the primary ( “Active”, in HSRP terminology), and the primary is the routing while the other routers in standby, ready to handle the load if the primary router is unavailable treat. In this way it is ensured HSRP high network availability because it routes IP traffic on a single router without.

That is – it is best to inquire and manually configure access when you need it, and not as the operating system to do this automatically.